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August 31st, 2018. Gunnerside, Swaledale.


Another early start to arrive in Gunnerside at sunrise. Weather conditions were much improved from my previous visit and I was able to quickly gather a handful of useable images.




August 23rd, 2018. Keld and Gunnerside


Unfortunately the  ‘smart object tool’ that I’ve used until now to create the News page will no longer be supported by the software manufacturer after next week so I’ll need to find an alternative; very irritating.

Anyway, I made a return visit to Swaledale today, primarily to do some location scouting around Gunnerside,, but, if the weather wasn’t looking promising, my contingency plan was to head for the waterfalls at Keld. There was heavy cloud cover at sunrise, so I headed straight for Keld and East Gill Force. It’s a great number of years since I’d photographed this waterfall; that was in the days of film. My current effort was not nearly so good as that picture, but a least the red berries of a foreground tree provided something better than a straight shot of the waterfall.

Gunnerside is a work in progress; I’ll need to return when the lighting is better, but at least I’ve an idea now of the shots I want.





September 5th, 2018. Muker Show


The weather was perfect for the 113th annual Muker Show held in its Swaledale setting in the fields behind the village.

Beside the usual agicultural activities there were three camera crews on site filming TV documentaries.


Muker Show 2018



October 1st, 2018. Coverdale


My plan  today was to return to Coverdale and improve upon a couple of mediocre images that were taken under less than ideal conditions. As it was the weather very nearly thwarted my plans again as clear blue skies were replaced by total cloud cover.

Nevertheless the two images I captured were better then the ones they replaced so today was not a total loss.



October 2nd,  2018. Wensleydale


I worked my way along Wensleydale at a leisurely pace today starting with lunch at the Jervaulx Abbey tearooms.

Then I stopped off at Wensley to photograph the bridge across the River Ure.. Next on to Bainbridge to photograph barns and a  flock of sheep in a nearby field. Finally on to Appersett where another flock of sheep were waiting.

A very pleasant afternoons’ photography.








November 1st, 2018, Scarborough

During a short break in Scarborough, on Yorkshires’ north east coast, I collected a few images of the harbour. In common with all the images on the Yorkshire Coast page, these photographs were taken with my little Canon Ixus 100 pocket camera.


Yorkshire Coat

November 12th, 2018. Studley Royal Deer Park


I had three objectives today; I wanted to capture an image of Ripon Cathedral  as viewed from Studley Park, get a picture of St Mary’s church and get a picture of deer in the park.

A park ranger informed me that they were about to start culling some of the deer this morning; fortunately I was able to shoot them before somebody else did!!.


Fountains Abbey