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Bolton Abbey

Bolton Abbey is, more properly, a priory. Nearby the Wharfe enters a deep and narrow channel, the Strid. Many people have come to grief and lost their lives whilst attempting to jump across the gorge which is about two meters wide at its narrowest point.

The Valley of Desolation owes its name to the devastation caused there by a great storm in 1826.

Bolton Abbey
Bolton Abbey ruins
Wharfe meadows
Footpath at Storiths
Strid Wood


The River Wharfe at Bolton Abbey

The priory ruins

The Wharfe flows on through Wharfe Meadows

Near Storiths

The Wharfe rushes through the narrow gorge of the Strid

Strid wood in autumn

The Strid viewed from Strid Wood

Stepping stones across the Wharfe at Bolton Abbey

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The Devonshire Arms hotel

Upper Waterfall, Valley of Desolation
Posforth Gill, Valley of Desolation
Autumn, Valley of Desolation
Autumn leaves, Valley of Desolation
Valley of Desolation
Posforth Gill waterfall, Valley of Desolation

Upper waterfall, Valley of Desolation

Posforth Gill

Posforth Gill waterfall

Autumn, Valley of Desolation