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Tadcaster was founded by the Romans, who named it Calcaria. (place of limestone). It has long been associated with the brewing industry; there were breweries or  brewhouses here in 1341, and three breweries have survived into the present day.

The viaduct, Tadcaster
St Mary's church, Tadcaster
Main street, Tadcaster
John Smith's brewery, Tadcaster
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The viaduct was built in 1846 by the engineer George Hudson. It was last used in 1955 and is now a grade ll listed building.
St. Mary’s Church. The first stone building dates from around 1150 replacing a wooden one.
Main street, Tadcaster
John Smith’s brewery, Tadcaster
The Ark, dating from the late 15th century, is the oldest building still in active use in Tadcaster.
The church and its environs
The River Wharfe at Tadcaster
Kirkby Wharfe

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